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Therapy Pets

Therapy Pet Information for Tenants

Please read carefully! 

Any missing documentation will cause your application to be returned.

An emotional support animal is not a pet, but rather a companion animal that provides therapeutic benefit to an individual diagnosed with a mental or psychiatric disability. 

In New York State, a tenant must prove the following:

  1. He or she has a disability.
  2. He or she is otherwise qualified to reside at the premise.
  3. It is necessary to have the pet in order to use and enjoy the premise.
  4. Reasonable accommodations can be made to allow the resident to maintain the pet. 

You are required to provide a letter from your doctor or therapist that documents your disability and establishes that the companion animal helps with your ability to cope with the symptoms of your illness. This means a note from (your) doctor or therapist stating that you “would benefit from having a pet” is NOT acceptable. This letter must be on their letterhead, with contact information provided. (This letter must be submitted with your application.)

You are also required to submit the following Veterinarian documentation: 

  1. License (renewals must be sent to the office annually)
  2. Proof of rabies (updated proof must be sent to the office annually/bi-annually)
  3. Proof of distemper (updated proof must be sent to the office annually)
  4. Proof of spay/neuter of the pet
  5. Proof of valid renter’s insurance policy acknowledging possession of the animal, and naming us as co-insured for liability